Five Items

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If I were to be stranded on a deserted Island, the following items is an extreme must.

  1. Flint – Reason: Flint lights your fire that you need to boil the water you have carefully filtered for drinking water.
  2. Multi tool pocket knife – Reason: The multi tool has a saw that will help cut the wood for the fire, and has many other functions.
  3. Emergency kit – Reason: you can buy various sizes, I have one that fits into my handbag. This has a mirror, fishing line, hooks, compass, candle, waterproof matches etc.
  4. Emergency rations for the first couple of days while you get your bearings. Protein bars fit easily into your bag.
  5. First-aid kit – Reason: that is obvious, if you are stranded on a deserted Island, it was due to an accident, either airplane or boat. You are going to have injuries.

No you don’t need a mobile phone, because there will be no signal. The mirror in the emergency kit is for flashing light to passing boats and airplanes.

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